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Nominations are now open

Guide lines:

01. Each applicant can nominate for a maximum of any THREE catagories ONLY.

02. The applicant should have supporting images uploaded in their social media at the time of nominations.

03. Each applicant is allowed to fill ONE application only with valid details.

04. All applicant will receive a reference number after submission of the nomination form.

05. A panel of judges will shortlist the FINALISTS for the catagories. All FINALISTS should produce their final masterpiece at the annual exhibition , in which a title winner will be selected. And other finalists will be awarded with medals and certificates .

06. There will be a application fees of Rs 3000/- to be paid by all finalists and are required to obtain a refrence code.

07. All entires should be submitted on or before 15th of February 2021.

08. Entries with incorrect and incomplete details will be rejected.

09. You could nominate your business/or a friend .

10. Important notice to all titles winners of 2019 and 2020.

We have an open category, in which you all could submit your showpiece in any preferred category.

The judges will asses your showpiece with all the applicant in this category, and award for the best showpiece - out of all the contestants. There will be a fees of Rs 7500/- for all applicants in this category.

Details about categories:

Cupcake award
The contestants must provide images of a minimum 6 to 12 well decorated cupcakes uploaded in their social media page, when they send a across their nominations. Judges will contact all the contestants for more details in the next level
Best decorated birthday cakes
The contestants can provide maximum of 6 images of their best decorated birthday cake. These must be upload in their socail media page at their nomination. Judges will contact each contestants in their next level.
Sugar flower award
A presentation of sugar flowers, either in one image or in cakes could be submitted. The images must be uploaded in the social media page at the nomination.
Wedding cake structures award
The images of 3 best created wedding structures could be uploaded on their social media page at the nominations. Judges will contact the contestants for more images in their next level
Royal icing award
An image of the master piece with royal icing could be presented in the social media page at the nomination. Judges will be keen to on string work and extended bridge work in their master piece
Sculptured cake award
An image or images should be uploaded by the applicant to support the sculptured cake catagory. These can include master pieces and small cakes with sculptured detailing.
Rising star award
We want you to nominate some one one who is really starting to excel in their creative field, may be someone who has recently started to notice or even someone who is showing improvement in their creation.
Cake heroine award
Cake Heroine is awarded to one of the most talented artist with over 5 years of experience. They must be able to show skills in all categories.
Cake artist of the year
We want you to nominate the best artist whom you think deserves the title. They could be an individual or an institution. You could carefully nominate the best artist of the year.
Cookie decoration award
The contestants should provide a few images of decorated cookies in various pattern either with royal icing or fondant to qualify to the next level. The images should ve uploaded in their business page at the nomination.
Best cake decorating equipments award.
You could nominate the best supplier in town who has been stable in providing decorating equipments for a period of time. The outstanding supplier could be introducing new and latest products to the market for a period of time.
Best cookery magazine award
You could nominate the best local magazine which has been very useful in providing the best recipes. They could be in any language of your choice. The magazine could be either a monthly or a quarterly edition.
Best butter cream award
There must a few butter cream cakes already uploaded recently, at the time of nominations, Judges will contact you at the second level
Junior Baker of the year
Applicant of age between 9 to 14 are eligible to complete application in this category. All applicant must provide a video clip with cakes made by them to qualify them to the next level.
Life size cake award
Applicant can have any life size cake uploaded in their social media or applicants who are intending to compete In this category can nominate themselves.
Chocolate artistry award
We welcome all chocolatiers to nominate and upload images to support this category
Open Category
We have an open category, in which you all could submit your showpiece in any preferred category.

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